Why Do You Need A Thermostat?

This is where thermostats come in. A thermostat can be connected to your heating and cooling devices and pre-programmed to have the necessary temperature when you want. If the atmosphere tends to get colder in the morning, you can set the thermostat to heat up the room before you sleep. If you like a bit more cooling when you come back from office, your thermostat can be set to do that too.

Modern thermostats can support up to 7 heating and cooling functions so even if you have complex hi-tech devices, a thermostat will do the job. Many new thermostats also let you know the energy saving modes. That way you can find out the temperature settings that consume the least amount of energy and save on your electricity bills. If you choose one with mobile app support, you can control the temperature of your home even from the outside using your smartphone.

If these features and benefits look enticing, you will surely understand why going for a thermostat is worth the investment.

Should you Buy a Bullet Type or Choose a Dome Camera?


The question with these security systems soon becomes "what camera should I choose?", and it usually comes down to the following two choices (there are more, but these two are the main ones).

Bullet Type Camera

The name typically comes from the bullet like structure it hones. It is a very basic model for a security camera and cheap as well. The shape can sometimes be rectangular also but mostly cylindrical. They cannot be angled remotely in different directions but you can manually direct it to the desired place where it is most needed. Nowadays this model comes with a built-in zoom technology and sometimes pan-tilt too. But the basic models are widely preferred, particularly when it comes to a less covered area like a small shop or the entrance of your home.

Dome Cameras

As the name suggests, the outer cover of the camera is dome-shaped. This keeps the camera protected from a lot of hazardous agents. The dome cover can be transparent, smoke colored, black colored and sometimes mirrored. These cameras produce a psychological impact on the thieves sometimes holding them off from perpetration because they know you are watching them.

Whatever option you choose, just the mere fact that you're having these cameras installed means you're doing better than the 80-90% of homeowners who don't actively protect their property. And although this doesn't mean you're totally secure, at least you're more safe than you were before.

Washlets Details to Help You Better Understand Their Function

But what are they?

What are washlets?

They are seat covers that are installed in your toilet. These seat covers could automatically clean your behind when you’re finished doing the number 2. This means that you no longer have the need to use toilet paper after using the toilet.

Price of a washlet

It depends on the features of the washlet. The more features it has, the more expensive it is. Washlets with basic features can be purchased around $650.

Even though washlets were invented by Japanese, the original technology was designed by Americans. However, the original bidet technology was designed to be used by senior citizens or people with disabilities.

Who manufactures washlets?
The first company that manufactured this technology was Toto. These days, however, Toto has several rivals. Their competitors are offering a hand-free seat, music streaming features, touchscreen remote, etc.

But Toto has improved its technology by providing their customers with more than just basic washlets (just check this model for instance!).

So, what exactly are the features of washlets that you might find attractive?
Toto and other manufacturers of washlets have produced this type of toilet seat with the following features:

  • Adjustable temperatures
  • Air dryers
  • Cover or seats with silver oxide that can kill bacteria
  • Deodorizers
  • Remote controls
  • Automatic flushing
  • Streams of water that move back and forth

These companies will continue to improve their washlets and offer their customers more features that can make using the toilet filth-free.

Should you have one in your house?
If you want a toilet seat that lets you avoid using toilet paper after using the loo, then, washlets could be an ideal choice for your toilet needs.

But washlets are not only designed to eliminate the use of toilet paper. They are also designed to alleviate the hemorrhoidal pain (but not cure the hemorrhoids).

Once you have experienced using this type of toilet seat, you’ll never want to use the ordinary bidet that you have in your house again.

More detailed information here: http://www.besttoilets.net/reviews/washlets-and-bidets/


Comparison Of Some Popular Freestanding Wine Coolers

NewAir 18 Bottle Stainless Steel Wine Cooler
This wine cellar holds maximum 18 bottles. The model is short and petite and it can fit into any corner in the house. There is only one cabinet but it has sufficient space to place the bottles inside. The soothing LED controller display also produces the same vibrant blue light inside the cabinet. The temperature is well regulated depending on the room temperature. If not technologically, aesthetically this model has a class of its own.

Haier HVTM16ABB Wine Cellar
This wine cooler model is so petite and sleek that at a glance it is really difficult to believe that it can hold as many as 16 bottles. The cooler has three chrome shelves holding the bottles meticulously. The trim mirror glass door looks really classy but it bars the inside view. This is because double paned glass doors protect the wines from UV rays. The temperature is well controlled and the cooler is ideal to store both red and white wine.

Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler
This wine cooler is the paradise for wine as well gadget enthusiasts. This sleek black model will perfectly blend in with the house. But the most catching feature is its double paned reversible door made by keeping both right and left handed people in mind. Moreover, the thermostatic cooling system makes it a noiseless affair unlike the compressor cooled variants.

Now that you have a brief idea about these freestanding wine coolers, see what suits you the best. If you are true wine connoisseur then you can go for the NewAir AW218E 28 Bottle Wine Cooler as it will give you more storage. Pick the perfect one and enjoy a perfectly chilled peg or two of your favorite wines.

How to Look for the Right Carpet Cleaner

It is not that easy to find the perfect match for your rug or carpeting. For an average consumer, all carpet cleaners look the same. You might want to get a nice-looking design; but looks is not the most essential aspect if you're looking for the very best carpet steam cleaner. You need to check out for certain features and functions in order to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance.

To guide you with your search, here are some things you need to consider:

  • Built-in heaters can improve a carpet cleaner’s cleaning ability. So you may want to choose a cleaner that has this feature.
  • User-friendliness is indeed something that an ordinary housewife can appreciate. Does it have easy-to-understand controls? Also, find a device that offers a comprehensive and accurate user manual for a total customer experience.
  • Can it extract practically all of the water you put in the carpet? This ability is crucial as this determines the drying time of your carpet. The faster the better of course.
  • Is your potential carpet cleaning machine easy to transport and maneuver around the house? Some cleaners get really difficult to push once filled with liquid.
  • Is it easy to clean after? Carpet cleaners require you to clean them after use. That’s why it is also important to find a cleaner that offers post easy-cleaning.

Knowing the features that matter when it comes to carpet hygiene and maintenance is the key to finding an ideal carpet cleaner for your home.

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