Washlets Details to Help You Better Understand Their Function

Washlets or smart loos, as other people described them, are finding success in and outside Japan. In fact, some homeowners in the US have washlets installed.

But what are they?

What are washlets?

They are seat covers that are installed in your toilet. These seat covers could automatically clean your behind when you’re finished doing the number 2. This means that you no longer have the need to use toilet paper after using the toilet.

Price of a washlet

It depends on the features of the washlet. The more features it has, the more expensive it is. Washlets with basic features can be purchased around $650.

Even though washlets were invented by Japanese, the original technology was designed by Americans. However, the original bidet technology was designed to be used by senior citizens or people with disabilities.

Who manufactures washlets?
The first company that manufactured this technology was Toto. These days, however, Toto has several rivals. Their competitors are offering a hand-free seat, music streaming features, touchscreen remote, etc.

But Toto has improved its technology by providing their customers with more than just basic washlets (just check this model for instance!).

So, what exactly are the features of washlets that you might find attractive?
Toto and other manufacturers of washlets have produced this type of toilet seat with the following features:

  • Adjustable temperatures
  • Air dryers
  • Cover or seats with silver oxide that can kill bacteria
  • Deodorizers
  • Remote controls
  • Automatic flushing
  • Streams of water that move back and forth

These companies will continue to improve their washlets and offer their customers more features that can make using the toilet filth-free.

Should you have one in your house?
If you want a toilet seat that lets you avoid using toilet paper after using the loo, then, washlets could be an ideal choice for your toilet needs.

But washlets are not only designed to eliminate the use of toilet paper. They are also designed to alleviate the hemorrhoidal pain (but not cure the hemorrhoids).

Once you have experienced using this type of toilet seat, you’ll never want to use the ordinary bidet that you have in your house again.

More detailed information here: http://www.besttoilets.net/reviews/washlets-and-bidets/


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