Consumer’s Guide to Buying Kitchen Faucets

Buying new kitchen faucets as a replacement of your old existing ones or as part of your big house remodeling project takes knowledge and a few questions before hitting your local hardware store.

You may be wondering what type of faucet matches your kitchen sink, your overall design or kitchen style, what type of finish to choose, and so on. Well, aside from kitchen (and kichenette) faucet reviews you can find online, here’s a guide to help you with your questions.

Number of sink holes

The number of holes in your sink should of course accommodate the type of faucet that you’ll buy. If you’re still building your sink, then just put holes that will meet your new faucet’s requirements.

Types of handles

This is a matter of preference. Generally you can choose between a single rotating handle and a dual handle faucet. The former lets you simply rotate the handle from either right or left to choose the type of water temperature you want; and the latter have two handles that will allow you to mix the hot and cold water temperatures.

Type of sprayer

You can choose between an integrated sprayer - which can either be a pull-out or a pull-down sprayer – and a dedicated sprayer that can be installed on the side of your sink.

Finish and style

Choose a faucet that matches the mood of your kitchen. There are faucets that can be mounted on top of the sink and those that can be mounted from the sink’s base. Whatever style you choose, consider repair and maintenance as some faucets are easier to fix than other types.

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