Air Beds Can Give You The Feel Of A Real Mattress

Having set the above specifications, you need to move on to the next set of criterion which is whether you want a low-profile air bed, a raised air bed or value for money air bed.

Some prominent examples of Low-profile air beds are the

AeroBed Sleep Tight, Coleman Quickbed 4-in-1, Aero Sport All-Terrain Queen Bed and the AeroBed Extra Bed with built-in pump.

Examples of raised air beds are the

SimplySleeper SS-49T Twin Air Bed, Insta-Bed Raised Queen Bed, SuperbAir Inflatable Air Mattress and Serta EZ-Bed.

Some value for money air beds are the

Wenzel 'Sure Grip' Insta-Bed, Intex Classic Downy Queen and the Intex Raised Downy.

The above named air beds are the best ones from the many air beds available to give you a night of comfortable sleep.

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Consumer’s Guide to Buying Kitchen Faucets

You may be wondering what type of faucet matches your kitchen sink, your overall design or kitchen style, what type of finish to choose, and so on. Well, aside from kitchen (and kichenette) faucet reviews you can find online, here’s a guide to help you with your questions.

Number of sink holes

The number of holes in your sink should of course accommodate the type of faucet that you’ll buy. If you’re still building your sink, then just put holes that will meet your new faucet’s requirements.

Types of handles

This is a matter of preference. Generally you can choose between a single rotating handle and a dual handle faucet. The former lets you simply rotate the handle from either right or left to choose the type of water temperature you want; and the latter have two handles that will allow you to mix the hot and cold water temperatures.

Type of sprayer

You can choose between an integrated sprayer - which can either be a pull-out or a pull-down sprayer – and a dedicated sprayer that can be installed on the side of your sink.

Finish and style

Choose a faucet that matches the mood of your kitchen. There are faucets that can be mounted on top of the sink and those that can be mounted from the sink’s base. Whatever style you choose, consider repair and maintenance as some faucets are easier to fix than other types.

Five of the Finest Kitchen Appliances


In earlier times, the kitchen was just a place for making food; however, in recent times, the kitchen has arguably become the most important room that displays the class, reputation and the economic status of the household. A good-looking kitchen not only shows your status but also makes you feel comfortable and luxurious while using it. If you want to feel the same then do check out these 5 expensive kitchen appliances with cutting edge and sleek designs - when you talk about premium...this is what they mean.

1. Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender/Mixer System

This is the world famous blender and juicer that is used by millions across the globe. This blender and juicer comes with the ‘push the cup in and twist’ design and proudly holds the title of being the first one of them. The Magic bullet comes with dishwasher friendly glass which is not only very stylish but is also able to sustain repeated use for years. It is a fifteen-piece (!) set which includes 1 High Torque Power Base, 1 Tall Cup, 1 Short Cup, 1 Party Mug, 2 Comfort Lip Rings, 1 Stainless Steel Cross Blade, 1 Flip-Top To-Go Lid, 2 Stay Fresh Resealable Lids, 1 Magic Bullet 10 Second Recipes Book. Furthermore, it has a high-torque power base and 600-watt motor, patented blade design with cyclonic action. It might be expensive but this sleek designed and modern blender surely deserves a place in your modern day kitchen. Out of the premium blenders that were reviewed by our intrepid team, nothing comes close to the NutriBullet - it's worth every penny.

2. The Bugatti Noun Toaster

The Bugatti Noun Toaster or the glass toaster is known as the King of All Toasters. This is due to its impeaccably beautiful and modern design and the number of functions it performs. The Buggati Noun toaster not only toasts bread but is also capable of cooking steak, popcorn, bagels - even shrimp. There's nothing it CAN'T do. It also comes with a built-in smart thermostat which enables its users to adjust the temperature according to their preferences through a smart phone app. Yes, you just read that. We can now adjust the temperature of our toasters through out smartphones. What a time to be alive. This all is accomplished by using semi-conductors instead of wires. Grandoise but elegant, this combinaton of glass and technology has completely reinvented the use of a toaster.

3. Bugatti Diva Evolution Coffee Maker

Bugatti may be a name you may be familiar with in the world of motorsports, but unbeknownst to many, this Bugatti is an altogether different company, but just as famed as its counterpart for for its stylish, modern and revolutionary kitchen appliances - and it would be unfair to not to add another of their innovation in this list. This coffee machine known as the Diva Evolution stuns it’s users like a diva should. Its futuristic design and copper color never fails to catch the eye of a coffee lover. It may be expensive but every creamy sip of its product makes every penny worth it - in spite of its price tag, it's in high demand.

4. All-Clad Classic Round Waffle Maker

Waffles are the new instagram breakfast of 2017 and this has made waffle irons a neccessity in every household. The All-Clad Classic Round Waffle Maker is perfect for crisp yet tender, brown waffles. It is very easy to use and does not create any mess when the side is flipped. It comes with a lock storage, clear and easy to use instructions, pre heating alerts and its unique and small frame makes it a must have for good looking and luxurious kitchens.

5. Zojirushi Micom 3 Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer

You should definitely get your hands on this one if you want perfectly cooked rice and also want to make your kitchen space look stylish and modern. Zojirushi is a well respected company, and their Micom rice cooker not only cooks a good amount of rice but also takes up less space on your kitchen counter. It has a large LCD panel with a clock and timer which shows the exact progress of your rice. It comes with a easy to understand manual, measuring cup and rice paddle. It comes in a combination or silver-black and copper-white colors.

What Does an Activity Tracker Actually Track?

An activity tracker, regardless of its brand and model, is used to collate data of your every move. The data provided will give you insights about your current health status.

What does it track?

The tracking features of this gadget will depend on the model. Some units can monitor the usual steps and distance travelled while others can track the calories burned during a workout routine. Not surprisingly, these are very popular amongst women.

Reviews may help you select a good model in this regard, especially if you are looking for an activity tracker for women. You can find models that can track the food you eat, weight you’ve lost and hours of sleep you have per night. Models with these advanced features are available at a higher price tag. However, they’re worth an investment.

Is it worth to try a model with a sleep mode?

Well, it may or may not, depending on if you can’t sleep at night. You can use the data gathered when you consult your physician about your overall health. A feature like this will give you details on the number of times you’ve tossed and turned at night. It’ll also provide you data on how many times you’ve gotten up at night, for whatever reason. It can give you the information that you need as to the quality of sleep you have, each night.

How to sync information?

Most advanced activity tracker units have features that let you sync the data wirelessly with your iOS device or Android gadgets. Just like with the security camera's we talked about, you can share some data to your friends via your social media accounts. Unfortunately, not all social media websites are supported, only major sites.

What to Expect from your 3D Printer

There are so many manufacturers of 3D printer so you won’t find insufficient numbers of it on the market. Since 3D printing is no longer a thing that you can only find in the future, you can easily build 3D objects using this machine.

Before, this printer could cost you thousands of dollars, but thanks to the tight competition you can now easily purchase a unit that comes with basic features at less than $500. This area of technology offers a lot of potential and it will open various doors of opportunities for you.

But you also have to consider that it’s not a perfect machine, it also comes with many pitfalls. Thus, finding the right unit can be very difficult.

Printing with 3D printer

Compared with an inkjet printer, this one requires a lot of patience as it prints slowly. Although this area of 3D printing is developing quickly, it’s still far away from the unit you see in Star Trek. This means that it prints slowly and may take hours to produce one object. Apart from that, it is only available in limited materials.

The best beginner units can build bigger objects. However, those cheaper ones can only produce a small object that each side measures a few inches.

But, when it comes to strength, an object printed with a 3D printer offers surprising strength. The objects can be used around your home, for instance, you can make customized salt-and-pepper shaker that can be very useful in your kitchen.

How to start using it?

Before you can print an object using this machine, you’ll need to have a model that you have made using a 3D-modeling program. Or you can just download a model from the Internet and print it out. Once you have a model to print, it will be converted into several layers one at a time.